An outside professional opinion that can help you break down the walls

My journey with Roberta through the ‘Empower 360’ program has been an empowering odyssey towards total well-being.

– Lila Sterling


I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina; following my curiosity, I was encouraged to explore my abilities in different fields – from competitive sports to education and art-related practices. This allowed me a unique adaptability to combine different environments and faculties. However, I now wish to reveal a deeper narrative—the story beneath the surface. In our current capitalist world, we often experience stimuli on one side and battle with symptoms on the other. This hidden periphery became my obsession after years trapped in a cycle of repeating symptoms, like a never-ending nightmare. The root lay in the over-stimuli and with my inability to connect deeply with my inner self. I struggled to handle my emotions in a healthy way and got stuck in toxic and harmful patterns. Desperately, I looked for temporary relief by filling myself with poisons, attempting to numb the pain that haunted me.

This turbulent phase initiated when I made the difficult decision to step away from my career as a professional field hockey player in Argentina. Field hockey had been my life’s dedication since the young age of ten. Yet, after two years into my professional sports journey, I made a change to pursue education. This shift marked the start of my struggle –I suddenly found myself completely lost, without purpose, and with no passion for pursuing. I was trapped by an overwhelming emptiness. Consequently, I embarked on the wrong path of addictions and compulsions– seeking comfort in drugs, food, adrenaline, partying, sex– I desperately sought ways to fill the void and momentarily experience a sense of well-being. For years, I was simply filling, not truly feeling. I was incapable of processing emotions in a healthy way, and it all manifested in chaos around my life. Whenever I felt sad, I turned to binging on food, spiraling into an ongoing battle with eating disorders.
Throughout these years, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, delving into mindset and personal development to pave my way toward health and longevity. Therapy was my initial step, but it wasn’t until I discovered Coaching that I truly found peace within my body, mind, and spirit. I learned how to navigate this default, unhealthy world and decided to become a health navigator myself, assisting others in EMBRACING LIFESTYLE CHANGES FOR THEIR OVERALL WELL-BEING. My mission is to uncover the dysfunctions within the system and help others awaken, liberate themselves from the chains that bind them, embrace their authentic selves without judgment, connect with their vulnerability, and rewrite their life stories

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