Finding a Permanent Solution for Anxiety with Daniel Packard

Feeling anxious?

Imagine you could escape the endless cycle of stress and fear, replacing unease with tranquility. No longer will confusion bind you — take a journey with us as we explore rediscovering peace with Daniel Packard.

Meet Daniel Packard:

Daniel Packard, UC Berkeley mechanical engineer turned CEO of Permanent Anxiety Solutions, shares his decade-long experience battling anxiety to help others embody a life free from fear. He challenged the conventional wisdom about anxiety management and embarked on a personal journey to reverse engineer a permanent solution.

Anxiety in Real Terms:

Packard explained that anxiety is not just about managing racing thoughts, but it’s more about the physical embodiment. Consider this – you have a heavy feeling in your throat, tightness in your chest, or a fast heart rate when you are anxious. Doesn’t it all signal to a physical response, rather than a mere mind issue? Isn’t it all about your body communicating its distress? Instead of focusing on the mind, Packard prompts us to pay attention to the body. He explains that anxiety is a response from the nervous system – a result of feelings of nervousness that haven’t received necessary care and attention.

The Root of the Problem:

Packard went on to identify the root cause of the issue – lack of care for the nervous system. He points out that our emotional and mental wellbeing has a profound impact on our overall health. But in a culture where we are constantly encouraged to suppress our emotions and feelings, caring for our emotional health tend not to be a priority, leading to nervous system failure – a state we recognize as anxiety.

Redefining Anxiety:

Presently, it is common to attempt to manage anxiety with therapists, medication, mental exercises, and other coping mechanisms. But Packard offers an alternative view — seeing anxiety not as a life sentence but as a reversible, treatable condition akin to any other physical ailment.

Daniel’s Approach to A Permanent Solution:

According to Packard, understanding the roots of anxiety leads to much simpler resolution strategies. His approach involves a three-phase system focusing on repairing, retraining, and then maintaining the nervous system. The result is a practical approach to anxiety, designed to permanently alleviate symptoms and to help those suffering regain hope and control over their life.

Daniel Packard’s fresh perspective about anxiety not only provides hope but also a practical solution to those suffering from anxiety and fear-based conditions. Instead of learning lifelong coping mechanisms, Packard’s permanent solution enables them to overcome unnecessary fear. In turn empowering them to live a life of joy, peace, and fulfillment while also breaking the cycle of anxiety for future generations to come.

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