Tailored Wellness: The Benefits of Health Coaching in Brooklyn

Introducing individualized health coaching services has given the quest for health and well-being in Brooklyn, New York. Ftv Health Coach, a prominent player in this field, offers holistic health coaching in Brooklyn, NY, aimed at transforming lives through a customized approach to well-being.  This blog examines how health and wellness coaching in Brooklyn is changing … Read More

Finding a Permanent Solution for Anxiety with Daniel Packard

Feeling anxious? Imagine you could escape the endless cycle of stress and fear, replacing unease with tranquility. No longer will confusion bind you — take a journey with us as we explore rediscovering peace with Daniel Packard. Meet Daniel Packard: Daniel Packard, UC Berkeley mechanical engineer turned CEO of Permanent Anxiety Solutions, shares his decade-long … Read More

Listen to full interview on 40/40 Vision Podcast!

On this episode of The 40/40 Vision Podcast, we welcome Roberta Rosa, a health coach and former professional field hockey player. Roberta shares her journey and discusses the sacrifices and challenges of being a professional athlete, the financial struggles in women’s sports, and the decision to quit field hockey. Roberta also talks about her healing … Read More


Are you using food to fill the void? What are you really hungry for? Are you filling or feeling? Many times we have the feeling that we are missing something in our lives, for example, attention, deep connections with others, pleasure, joy, fun moments, extreme emotions of any kind, adrenaline, dopamine rush, and more, so … Read More

What does healing really mean?

I feel the word “healing” has lost its power completely. It gets thrown around a lot in social media, with endless quotes and advice saying that healing is a predetermined outcome if we follow a prescribed set of steps. Healing is not a passive occurrence from a response to the latest trend or affirmation. It’s … Read More

Feeling or Filling?

In today’s fast-paced and hyperconnected world, we often find ourselves preoccupied with filling the void rather than truly acknowledging and addressing it. The void, a metaphorical emptiness or longing within ourselves, stems from various sources: societal pressures, existential uncertainties, digital distractions, and the constant pursuit of success or validation. Instead of embracing and understanding this … Read More

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