What does healing really mean?

I feel the word “healing” has lost its power completely. It gets thrown around a lot in social media, with endless quotes and advice saying that healing is a predetermined outcome if we follow a prescribed set of steps. Healing is not a passive occurrence from a response to the latest trend or affirmation. It’s like a trendy thing to pursue, but it’s lost its real meaning. This “healing” movement is going on, and of course, I understand why.

We have to heal the wounds that our damaged society has carved in our bodies and minds by pushing us to consume because nothing is enough. Encouraging us to seek external validation by pursuing pointless goals to mask the void. Because in the end, the void is still there, no matter what we do. The truth is, we don’t have to do anything; we just have to sit and enjoy the ride. Instead, we are victims of an unhealthy world that sets unrealistic expectations that are never met, making us live in fear and anger, not fostering love and compassion. In the end, we only seek to numb ourselves, spiritless, turning into lost rats in a maze.

Now, it’s time to stop playing the victim’s role and become leaders, taking charge of our health to break free from this toxic cycle. The word “healing” just doesn’t hit me the same way anymore. Each time I see the word “healing,” it’s like a deja vu, the same recycled quotes, directions, and affirmations. Healing, in its essence, is a natural, biological process in which wounds heal through the body’s own cellular intelligence. 

What humanity really needs to do is to dive into the depths of the void, your own void, really get in there, deep. Start observing everything that lingers in the void within you without judgment. Approach this with the objectivity of a scientist doing a profound research project. Observe all the feelings and emotions; look at the pain and suffering, the unsaid words and thoughts, the buried memories that long to be rescued. Take note of what happens to your physical body and mind in this deep exploration. Note your facial expressions and the movements of hands, legs, stomach, and chest as you navigate the obscurity.

This transformative journey demands time, effort, and above all, the capacity to fully accept whatever emerges. It’s not a mechanical, biological process. It’s an expedition into yourself, into the unexplored void. Delve into the darkest corners and forsaken places that only a few brave are willing to visit. For it is in these dark places that genuine healing ultimately occurs. 



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